If you are currently using Baxter supplies and are interested in travelling,

please click on the map for more information on specific destinations.

You can travel to many different locations if it is supported by the Baxter Travel Club and approved by your renal care team.

Prior to booking any travel, consult your healthcare team and Baxter Customer Care.

You can reach Baxter Customer Care at:

call 1-866-968-7477

Frequently asked questions

In order to arrange alternate delivery addresses and supply shipments, the Baxter Travel Team requires:

  • Four (4) weeks advance notice within Canada
  • Six (6) weeks within USA (including U.S. departure cruises), Alaska and Hawaii
  • A minimum of three (3) months for travel to international destinations outside of Canada and USA
  • Please be aware that some destinations require 4 or more months notice

Our world is changing…there are constant unexpected changes to regulations and fees.

For example, shipment requirements change constantly. There is increased scrutiny for shipment of medical supplies along with changes to international legislation and costs.

By knowing your plans in advance, we can advise you:

  • If the destination is supported by the Baxter Travel Club
  • What, if any, additional costs may be required so that you can factor these into your plans
  • The paperwork that is needed for travel approval by your clinic
  • Any paperwork required by your destination

NOTE: If travel is booked without first confirming that the location remains supported and without the required lead time, Baxter cannot be held accountable should plans need to be cancelled or changed.

  • Signed prescription from your doctor
  • The arrival date and departure date for your trip
  • A complete delivery address
  • Contact names and telephone numbers of where you are planning to stay
  • Reservation name or confirmation #(s), if applicable
  • Any special delivery instructions (example: hotel or resort – to front desk; shipping/receiving; business centre)

Cruise ships have very specific shipping instructions and require additional information:

  • Booking number
  • Cabin/stateroom number
  • Cruise line
  • Ship name
  • Address of port of departure
  • Sail date and time
  • Return date and time
  • Port agent/shipping services contact information
  • It is advisable you check with the airline for possible carry on restrictions as these vary by airline.
  • Please carry the HomeChoice Travel letter to avoid delays at the airport.
  • Your renal clinic can supply a soft or hard suitcase for your cycler for travel protection.
  • You may require transformers and power adapters for international destinations.
  • Within Canada and USA, a SWAP service is available through the TAR line at 1-800-553-6898

It is advisable you check with the airline for possible carry on restrictions as these vary by airline.

  • If you are using an Amia cycler there are additional considerations
  • This type of cycler is only available in Canada and U.S.A. Therefore if you are travelling with your Amia cycler outside of these regions there is no technical support available
  • There are countries which carry Spike solution bags that cannot accommodate an Amia cycler. If you are travelling to one of these areas, TwinBag will be required for the length of your stay

Outside of Canada and the U.S.A., it is not possible to SWAP AMIA cycler so it is recommended to always ensure you have TwinBag back-up

It is important to note that the PD solutions may look different in other countries. We may also need to ask your renal unit for substitutes in cases where the destination does not carry the same solutions you are using in Canada.

Travel within Canada:
Phone # 1-866-968-7477

  • Travel in the United States:
    Phone # 1-800-284-4060. You will be provided with the details of the nearest PD unit at the time of order confirmation
  • International:
    The Baxter Travel Team will provide you with the nearest renal clinic and Baxter contact information at time of travel order delivery confirmation

Always carry a copy of your prescription and approval letter from your physician and order confirmation, which contains emergency contact details.

You will need to bring your dressings and medication supplies with you, as these are not shipped. For cruise deliveries, we will not deliver small boxes of supplies (e.g. minicaps) because they can be easily carried with you.

Be ready for “unexpected” expenses: Some hotels, cruises, or local regulations may have special medical product disposal requirements. These disposal costs will be at the patient’s expense. There may be handling fees as well.

We must emphasize that any such shipment arrangements must ensure that our products are transported in an appropriate environment and with the required temperature controls. Failure to do so represents a very high risk of products being damaged and becoming unusable. We cannot overemphasize the seriousness of this issue and ask that you discuss it with your renal programs/patients who may be considering travelling to the regions unsupported by the Baxter Travel Club. Please note that Baxter will not be responsible for the possible consequences of a patient’s decision to make his/her own arrangements for the shipment of supplies to unsupported regions.

Please talk to your Renal Unit for any expenses that may be incurred.

These could include:

  • Custom clearance fees, payment of any local duties or taxes on PD fluids such as and consumables, storage fees, returns and proper disposal of excess product.
  • These fees are not Baxter associated; and are solely the responsibility of the patient travelling. Baxter is unable to advise on what these costs may be, however patients must be prepared to pay these fees as required on site.  
  • Signed declaration form to be signed by both the patient and the renal clinic
  • Signed PD prescription to be approved by the physician

Dedicated Baxter Travel Co-ordinators 1 866 968-7477

Baxter does not recommend our patients travelling during this type of event, as there may be increased personal risk and Baxter cannot ensure, in any way, the safe delivery of our product.  Baxter will not be held accountable if the patient continues forward with travel despite this guidance.  Please consult with your Renal Program before making any plans.  Please be advised that Baxter may need to reach out to your program if there are any additional concerns/questions regarding travel plans.

Please take the information on the electrical specifications of the cycler (found on the back of the machine) to a reputed electronic store and ask them for an appropriate transformer.   Ensure the transformer is strong enough.   Baxter cannot recommend transformers.

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