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What is peritoneal dialysis (PD)?Choosing peritoneal dialysis solution
Having the confidence to choose your peritoneal dialysis solution is an important step in self-management.

You are part of a renal team—you are not alone. Remember that your dialysis nurse will help you to gain confidence in managing your kidney disease by understanding your health and the important role you play in your treatment.

Know that you can do it.

There are different strengths of solution to remove different amounts of fluid during treatment. The higher the solution percentage, the more dextrose (sugar) it has in it. Based on your weight, blood pressure, and fluid balance, you may need to use different solutions. There are different types of solution for renal dialysis. Some solutions may give you more comfort if you experience discomfort. Your doctor may prescribe other types of solutions to improve your nutritional status and/or improve your fluid removal.

When readying your solution, remember to look for:

Expiration date
(or size of bag)

It is important to make sure the fluid in the bag is clear.