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What is hemodialysis?Facing challenges at home
Managing challenges at Home
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Several situations may arise when preparing your treatment or during treatment. Challenges can come from the access, the machine or the water system. Here are some of the challenges that can arise when dialyzing at home.

The training you have received from your nurse, the teaching documents in your possession and your team of nurses will be able to guide and support you if you are faced with challenges.

Access related issues Machine related issues Water system related issues

Fistula related:

  • Clots
  • Difficulty needling
  • Infiltration
  • Power failure
  • No battery backup
  • Technical error
  • Water leak
  • Incoming water pressure
  • Broken water main
  • Power failure

Catheter related:

  • Clots
  • Catheter lines blocked or twisted
  • Catheter broken
  • Infection at catheter site

Call your nurse immediately if you think you have made an error in your technique.

As directed by your clinic, expect to have to stop your treatment. Therefore, it is important to disconnect your device as usual without hurrying.

Clinical problem: Call your clinic immediately and follow instructions.

Technical problem: You may need to call the Technical emergency line: 1-888-441-6620

Contact your clinic as soon as possible to inform them and follow their instructions.

The maintenance of your pre-filtration system will be very important for the duration of the breakage until potable water is restored.

Clinical problem: Call your clinic immediately and follow instructions.

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A cellphone and a flashlight will be useful and should be within reach.